For a Girl…

I’m not the man who can say “Love” everytime to you

Or give you a flower that make you happy everyday.

I just a man, who want to do anything that I can, to make you happy.

To make you peaceful.

To make you comfort when with me.

I’m sorry for anything I did if it make you hurt.

I’m never thinking if I want to hurt you.

When I say “hi” to other girl, it doesn’t mean I like her.

It just my instinct. Coz I’m a guy 😀

Hi you,

I just want you to know, you are irreplaceable.

Thank you for being everything for me.

Thank you for loving me.

We just meet 3 times.

As your brother.

As your fiance.

And, as your husband…

I love you more than anything I have.

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