End of 2018, Start of 2019

I’ve so many experiences in this year. Off course. So much thank you for the Lord, Allah SWT. He always give everything that I need.


I’m still the same. A man that never know what I must doing in this year. Work everyday, back to boardinh house as “kost”. Be a committee for futsal competition. Be a captain, leader for my team. As a goalkeeper. Reach to semifinal. Not bad.


It was bored month. Just working everyday. Want to resign, but don’t have too much money.


Yes. Finally I can leave my job. After more than 3 years. Have some money to open a business. And some money for I refresh my mind. Travelling everywhere I want.


I’m still travelling everywhere. Not bad.


My birthday. Nothing special. Like every years. Still alone. And fasting. Go to home, enjoy my life. Gathered with old friends. And family.


Nothing special. Still enjoyed my life.


Spirit for search job. Test everywhere. Sometimes they rejected me, and sometimes I rejected them.

August – The Special Month

Why special month? I went to Jakarta. Test for the job. Enjoy my life. Go to the museum, park, beach, and etc. Get my dream. First, job. At oil and gas. With salary that above my expectation. Second, the girl that I never imagine I’ll fallen in love with her. But I must went to Balikpapan, for work.


First day for work. New spirit, new friends, new company.


Still have spirit for work. Enjoyed my life. And she came to here. So, I’m not alone again, but with her.

November – Very special month

Engagement’s day. She be my fiance, and will be my wife someday. Prepare for wedding day. Save some money.


Still same with previous month. But never bore with it. I enjoy my job, love my self, love my girl.

And finally, thanks God. For everything I have. For opportunity for my life.

Thank you for being the good year, 2018.

And welcome, 2019. I hope more challenge. If you can be nice for me, I will beat you.

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